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Cite It!: Citation Managers

Want to know more about creating citations and references? The answers lie within this guide!

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Citation Managers

It is important to understand why and how to include citations in your work. Once you've mastered the basics, it's possible to use a citation manager to keep your research organized and to automatically generate citations (in-line, foot/end note and bibliographic).

No Citation Management program is perfect, but they can help speed up your work. The following programs are only a small handful of the resources available.  We have tagged them as either Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced and listed the Pros and Cons for each of them.

As you will be using them to help interpret data for your citation, never assume that the results are perfect. Sometimes the data from the website is wrong, or the program is not using the newest style of the citation.

It is your responsibility to review the results to make sure that they are correct, but in many cases these programs do a wonderful job in handling your citations.

This guide will introduce you to the following programs: